Refund and Cancellation Policy

LAST REVISION: [16-March-2017]

Customer confidence and satisfaction is our primary priority. We want to build a positive relationship with you, and your satisfaction is very important to us. We make every effort to provide high-quality products and services. myofficecab will refund or cancel any products according to the following guidelines and will act only on the policy here within:

The products/services of myofficecab are billed only after they are delivered. As it is a postpaid billing model, you are expected to pay the invoice in full after the service is executed/product is delivered. Once the invoice has been paid, myofficecab is not liable to make any refund or entertain any claims of refund. Once the product/services are booked/ordered, myofficecab will not entertain any cancellation till 1 day prior to the scheduled delivery date. Any request for cancellation should be done only via email to or the email address provided to your organization as helpdesk email id.

We strongly believe our products/services will be beneficial to your business.

myofficecab reserves the right to modify any provisions of the refund and cancellation policy without any notice at any time.