Pricing Policy

Price Range

At myofficecab (Bhsavi Cab Services Pvt. Ltd.) we have customized pricing according to the services rendered by us. The details are provided to you beforehand according to the effort, efficiency and the output of the service. Typically the range of transactions on our website varies from INR 600 for a flat trip till 30 Kms, INR 850 for 4hrs 40kms, INR 1500 for 8hrs 80kms, INR 1300 for Airport transfer and INR 15 per Kms if the distance crosses the above range.


All relevant taxes would be billed above the said pricing mentioned in the previous section, which all customers are liable to pay. In case you have exemption example dues to SEZ, the liability of submitting form A1 and A2 is on the customer organization before the invoice is generated.

Schedule of Payment

Some of our services can be utilized for fixed durations. In such cases, it is clearly mentioned within the description of these services. The period of usage in these cases vary from 15 days to 1 month. And all payments to be made within 30days of the invoice generation date.

Pricing Errors

We work hard to ensure the accuracy of pricing. Despite our efforts, if pricing errors still occurs, i.e. a trip is priced higher than the price agreed upon, we will adjust that against a credit note.

Last Revision: [29-March-2017]